Excited for Ruby on Rails 3.1

Ours is a very dynamic world, especially for developers or Ruby on Rails developers, to be specific. Things which you like working on and best comfortable with can change in a sudden splash of thunder!!! We are one of the best examples of human’s adaptability.

On a serious note few highlights of newly released Ruby on Rails 3.1 are

  • Streaming
  • Assets Pipeline
  • jQuery as the default JavaScript library

Streaming (Http)

This lets the browser download your style sheets and JavaScript files while the server is still generating the response. This requires Ruby 1.9.2 is opt-in and requires support from the web server as well, but the popular combo of Nginx and Unicorn is ready to take advantage of it.

Assets Pipeline

The major change in this version of Ruby on Rails is the Assets Pipeline. It makes CSS and JavaScript first-class code citizens and enables proper organization, including the use of plugins and engines. The assets pipeline is powered by Sprockets and is covered in the Asset Pipeline guide.

jQuery as Default JavaScript Library

jQuery is the default JavaScript library that ships with Ruby on Rails 3.1. But if you use Prototype, it’s simple to switch.

$ rails new myapp -j prototype.

Know More: Railscarma


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