Custom Software Development using Ruby on Rails

RailsCarma specialize in offering software development services using Ruby on Rails to companies considering outsourcing the development of Web applications, Mobile Applications, hosting platform automation and other projects. In the past 11+ years in the industry, we have enabled various organizations to retain their businesses with their valuable clients whom they would have lost due to lack of experience in the field of development.

We provide comprehensive Software Development Services: Idea Conceptualization, Designing, Platform Selection, Software Development, Quality Assurance, Testing, Support and Maintenance. We also facilitate software re-engineering, Integration and Migration services to adapt to new technology and advanced scenario.

What Do you gain by working with InstaCarma?

Game-Changing Applications

The right technology, delivered, to solve client’s biggest business challenges.

No matter what application needs to be developed, our clients can always count on us for:

Fast Time to Market

A proven team that uses top-notch management methodologies to keep projects on time, helping hosters to get innovative solutions in deployment faster. InstaCarma’s clients benefit from the firm’s unique delivery model that focuses on building smaller, more efficient teams of senior-level resources with domain and functional expertise embedded.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Done right, an Outsourced Application Development will always be more cost-effective. And we know the impact of time and resources on productivity and profit. InstaCarma provides clients with services and skills on par with those found in the U.S. and UK, but at a fraction of the cost.

Peace of Mind

Finally, here is an software development outsourcer who gets it, who delivers what they say they’ll deliver, who views their role as an equal partner with insights and valuable opinions, and who works hand-in-hand with customers to get it done right.

Engagement Models

Complete Offshore Teams ( PM, Devs, Testers, UI/UX Experts, BA)

Per Hour Sourcing for Small Projects

Onsite & Offshore Sourcing ( Onsite BA, PM, Devs, Testers, UI/UX Experts)


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