Is IOT going to be the next superhero for this generation??


You’ve likely heard the term Internet of Thingsat some point from a colleague, an article, or an advertisement. But the term is very broad & its changing the way we used to live. Now we are moving in an era where technology is dominating the world, but this time it’s for good. Many of the people is not used to a word called IOT, but believes me or not somehow you are the part of this transformation.  IoT companies is growing day by day a range of lighting manufacturers, connected technology companies and industry groups have come together to form a new industry alliance.

In short, the Internet of Things refers to the rapidly growing network of connected objects that are able to collect and exchange data using embedded sensors. To help and clarify how IoT works we have some of the application for you that i am going to tell you.

Applications of the Internet of Things…….

Smart Home

At that moment smart home is one of the most popular IOT application that we have, because it is one that is very affordable and readily available for the consumers. Smart home basically contains a product that is connected by your device, suppose that you are driving home on a hot summer day so you can simply use your smartphone when you are on your way to tell your smart thermostat to lower the temperature, that is IOT for you.

Smart cities

You never judge what is the potential that IOT have, for judging IOT we need to advance our thinking process. It has the potential to solve problems that a common man face in a daily routine, so i can say it’s the new Spiderman for this world that can save you from troubles. But it wasn’t a joke it really can, with proper connection & infrastructure it has the power to saves you from traffic congestion issues, crime and pollution.


Now we are in 21st century, and watches are no longer just for telling time. The Apple Watch and other smart-watches on the market have turned our wrists into smart-phone holsters by enabling text messaging, phone calls, and more. And device like Fitbit have helped revolutionize the fitness world by giving people more data about their workouts.

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5 upcoming Web Design Trends for 2017

5 upcoming Website Design Trends for 2017

Having said that, we have compiled a list of 5 of the latest website design trends that are going to reign over the digital market-space in the year 2017 and beyond. This list is meant to provide you with a general guideline on what design elements are more likely to work this year, as compared to their counterparts. However, it goes without saying that the website design basics will still continue to remain as important as ever.

1. Responsive layouts

2. Overly Simplified Menus

3 Minimalism accompanied by Micro-interactions

5 Breaking out of the grid

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